System just doesn't work anymore, at all

  • 27 November 2020
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6 Sonos One speakers, 1 Sonos 5.   Sonos 1 app and Sonos 2 app on 2 ipads, iphone Imac.  There started to be problems about 3 weeks ago with the music being dropped after 1-3 songs played. Now it doesn’t work at all. Speak multiple hours on the phone with tech. Turning systems and computers on and off, wifi on and off, sending reports, all kinds of stuff.  But I still have a system that doesn’t work.  Why? No one cam tell me. Is it worth that price I paid? No, not at all. Better to have an old fashion wired system that just plain works. And plays out of better quality speakers. And doesn’t have tech glitches that no one can figure out.  If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. Otherwise ( and maybe ANYWAY), I need to dump the Sonos system for something that works.

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6 replies

Hi. Do you have any Sonos speakers wired to your router or are they all wireless?

Do you have any extenders, access points etc on your network?



What do you mean by “Sonos 1 app” and “Sonos 2” app? If this is a reference to the “S1” and “S2” systems, these are two independent systems. If this is the case, please tell us why your systems are laid out this way.

Do you have a SONOS BRIDGE in your system? Have you changed the network setup?

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Just don’t believe it🙄

My system performance has severely degraded, and I was close to posting a similar "It doesn't work anymore".  So this topic is very plausible to me.

- 14 speakers, many years of history without issue


- grouping speakers rarely works

- when grouping does work, it may take minutes to switch

- volume control changes are very laggy 

- I had an instance where all speakers dropped from network.  We couldn't connect from PC or Android phones.  Reinstalled app, "connect to existing system" and app couldn't find speakers.  Shut down the entire house at the breakers, restarted everything and still didn't work.  Devices eventually connected.

- sometimes music "plays" per app, but no sound until next song

-sometimes speakers are shown as grouped, but there is no audio coming from part of the group

-I'm on S1 app

- I've had audio delays between grouped speakers

- I've tried wiring some speakers to ethernet without luck.

All of the above are new issues, and a once stable sonos system is now almost unusable and VERY frustrating.  My network has been fine, and has not changed for years (google mesh).  No issues with any other devices.  I take all the sonos updates, but something has degraded.  I would not have acquired 14 speakers if this was the norm, and I'm obviously invested and want this to work but and seeing these issues are increasing instead of getting resolved.  If issues don't get resolved I will retire the system and move to a different brand -- it's that bad.

I created a topic for the speaker grouping issue and posted diagnostic numbers.








My Sonos is as responsive and solid as it has always been. All the things you describe are blatantly networking issues. I am not saying that means your network is faulty, just that something in the way your network and Sonos are interacting is going awry.

If you want to give further details of what you have and what is connected to what, we might be able to help.

Or you can continue to insist that this is a general Sonos problem rather than a local problem, and never get it fixed.

I'm not insisting anything -- other than to say I have no allegiance to inanimate objects and have no interest in debating or being rude on their behalf.  So I'll take my chances without your help.