system is so buggy

  • 7 July 2022
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my system is so buggy I can’t handle it.

between the updates and the intermittent shut off mid play i’m ready to throw them out the window.  i’ve had my speakers for about 5 years, which is *almost* enough to justify the cost.

Has anyone had any luck with fixing this?

No it isn’t the wifi.

Yes I’ve unplugged and re-plugged and set and re-set the speakers about 1000x since I got them.  Yes that usually works but it shouldn’t be necessary.  


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1 reply

I haven’t had any luck fixing this because there is nothing to fix -- I’m not having any trouble. FWIW: I’ve been onboard since 2005.


No it isn’t the wifi.


When in troubleshooting mode, once you’ve decided that the issue must be [...] or cannot be [...] you are likely to be blindsided.

If you’ll describe your system for us, including the network devices, we can offer some suggestions.