System connectivity just plain sucks

  • 3 February 2023
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One of many nights coming home wanting to continue what I’m hearing in my car. Sonos completely and totally sucks. They’re it is.  I just spent 45 minutes plus trying to figure out how to take what I was just listening to on my iPhone into the home environment. No Bueno. System trying to find itself in my Wi-Fi net work… Who knows. When I fire up my TV all is good yet it fails to recognize me on my phone to listen to music and I am over it. Sonos completely and utterly sucks when it comes to just getting the job done as a music source

5 replies

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AirPlay the audio from your iPhone to your AirPlay-enabled Sonos device:

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Looks like you have wifi problems. You could let Sonos take a look. Contact them.

Wow, didn’t takE me long to find others in the same boat.  Thousands invested in a technology with TERRIBLE connectivity, fast obsolescence, and the worst support on earth.  I’ll be “pulling the plug” on all my hardware this weekend.  Will probably just give it away.  Been fighting with this pile of crap for years now…

You’ve come to the hospital and concluded that “everyone” is sick.

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Giving it away? I’ll pay shipping!