Symfonisk causing issues

  • 17 November 2020
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Hi folks, 

Looking for some guidance. I've had a perfectly functioning Sonos setup in my kitchen living room - two play 1s, a play 5, playbar & sub. It's a large open plan room and all speakers are connected wireless to my router. A week ago I bought a Symfonisk for my baby's nursery. It seemed very fiddly to connect but I eventually got there, only to find tracks "dropping out", refusing to play any tracks, giving an error about encoding. I figured it was an issue on losing WiFi connection as that area of the house is older, thicker walls etc. 


So I swopped one of my play 1 speakers - I removed it from the kitchen, set it up in the nursery and put the symfonisk in its place in the kitchen. The play 1 is functioning perfectly in the nursery. The symfonisk is causing all 5 speakers in the kitchen to drop out randomly. What is the issue here? Is this just down to poor ikea build? It's extremely disappointing and would discourage me from buying any further sonos products. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Jenboyle44, thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Sonos community. I appreciate your detailed post describing the issue as well as the steps that you have performed. I understand that you’re having an issue with your Symfonisk devices. I’d be happy to help you out here if you can submit a diagnostic report of your system for better understanding and see what would be best for the setup. Reply to us with the confirmation number. We and the community are always here to help.

Hi Rowena,


Thank you for your reply. I have submitted a diagnostic report (490256790) & look forward to your advice. 

Appreciate the support!

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Hi @Jenboyle44, thank you for your response and for submitting the diagnostic. Let me check it for you.

Based on the diagnostic, there's interference in your wireless network that may be caused by wireless congestion, an audio dropout was detected in your due to sync error and the audio feed is too slow causing the playback to stop. These network-related issues may be causing the issue.

Let me suggest the next troubleshooting steps is to perform a sequential reboot of your network devices, all your Sonos products, and force close mobile controllers to refresh the connection. I understand that you have already rebooted your Sonos, it would be best to follow it step by step.

  1. A sequential reboot means that we need to do this in order.
    • Unplug your network devices (modem, router, any wireless access points on the network) from the power and wait for 60 full seconds before you plug it back in.
    • Once the router is back online, unplug all your Sonos devices from the power. Please wait 15 seconds before you plug back them back in.
    • Force close the Sonos app from your iOS or Android device.
    • When the status light on your Sonos speakers are solid white, get back on the Sonos app and check if you're connected.
  2.  Hardwire one of your speakers to your router (not to your modem).

If you're still having the same problem, I recommend contacting our Sonos Customer Care support to perform in-depth troubleshooting and to do some tests on the Sonos app to isolate the issue to provide the best option for you. If you have any questions about this. We and the community are always here to help.