Sub+Playbar with Sonos S2

  • 6 December 2021
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After 3 years, here I am once again with no Sub. Tryin’ to upgrde to S2 controller, I added my devices Playbar and Sub (new way to do it, not so intuitive, but that’s it). After that I connected the sub, it took about 10/15 minutes. Palybar+Sub are in the same room but, once again, Sub doesn’t work (no sound) neither in WiFi nor in Eth. No Boost at the time (do I really need one, with S1 all was perfect).

1 hour to make work everything, way to do it. For about 10/15 seconds Sub has started, but in the App I saw the “?”. When in the App I finally saw the sound from it. Modem AVM 7590 and repeater 1750, will try again and, eventually I must use the Boost.


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1 reply

Is the router and repeater using the same WiFi channels and channel-widths? - it might be a case if they are operating differently, that the multicast discovery packets are not getting through correctly and that your controller is unable to correctly discover a player. If the Sub, for example, is hopping between the two WiFi access points.

Putting all the Sonos products over to SonosNet would of course likely resolve the issue immediately for you, but if you do decide to go that route then ensure your SonosNet channel is well away from anything your WiFi is using and also keep the Boost a good metre or so away from the Router.

It’s also a good idea to remove the stored WiFi credentials from the network settings of the Sonos App.