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  • 27 January 2020
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The vast majority of our household’s use of both Spotify and Sonos are playing Spotify playlists through our Sonos system.  


For years, I had no problems.  Recently, however, a few of my long Spotify playlists would no longer load in Sonos when launched in the Sonos app.  I began receiving the “unable to add songs to queue” message for Spotify playlists that were around 4,000 songs or more.  I can get around the situation by launching the Spotify playlist through the Spotify app and then sending it to Sonos.  That’s more inconvenient compared to the Sonos app, but it works. 


However, I also used to enjoy having some of those long playlists be morning or afternoon alarms, but when Sonos loads for an alarm a playlist that is too long, it flips to the chime instead. 


Anyhow, did something change in a software update a few months back?  Is there some deep setting I can change somewhere?  Or maybe it’s just me?


Thank you.


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15 replies



I’m not a Spotify user, so take this with a grain of salt. To my knowledge, nothing has changed in the Sonos software with regard to the size of playlists. I have heard Spotify has been making changes on their side, but that’s hearsay, not factual knowledge. It’s possible that you have been on the borderline for size restraints for a while, as a guess. Try using a smaller playlist and see what happens, that might be instructional. 

Many of us are hoping that the upcoming changes will impact the size of memory available to store these larger playlists, but that’s also just a guess. We’ll have to see come May, or thereafter. 

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Spotify is better than Amazon, it has a 500 item limit on its playlists as I recall.

I’ve been having the exact same problem with a 4000 plus song playlist.   Used to be no problem, now it doesn’t load through the Sonos app.   Possibly a cache issue?   It may have something to do with the 65,0000 song limit

I’d love to hear from Sonos on this


Hi everyone.

I hope I can shed a little light on overall limitation information and address the issues that seems to be present here.

Spotify playlists generally can hold up to: 6.75k tracks. (depending on metadata) Considering the reported playlists seems to be below this threshold, I would like to investigate a little further:

How many tracks are currently in your queue?

I would recommend clearing the queue if there stands a considerable amount of tracks. I find this error is most commonly generated by the queue size. 

If the issue is still present, would you be able to provide me with a diagnostic report of your Sonos system? By providing me with the confirmation in our responses, I will be able to take a look at the system and assess if any specific errors are being generated.

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Having the same issue with a Spotify playlist of ~4800 songs.

Did you do any of the things recommended in the post immediately before yours?

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Did them all, except sending the diagnostics.  I start with an empty queue.  The playlist contains 4896 songs, well below the 6.75K that’s supported. The playlist will load and play through the Spotify app, which is must less flexible.  I get a “unable to add songs to queue” message when attempted via the Sonos app.

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Diagnostics sent - confirmation number is: 176251273

Hi @Bill Zolides. Thanks for the diagnostic. 

It actually seems that the diagnostic was corrupted. Would you be able to provide me with another after rebooting your router, modem, and Sonos players?

The message you have described when using Spotify usually indicates a communication failure between us and the network.

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Restarted everything. Diagnostics sent -confirmation number is: 1458905429

Thanks for the update. 

I do see the communication line operating a lot better since the reboot. Are you still experiencing an issue adding your playlist?


I am having this issue with my largest playlist but it's only about 150 songs/37 hours, far less than the 4k mentioned above. My problem started after the iOS 14 update to my iPhone. Worked through Sonos and did two diagnostics. Nothing helped and Sonos gave up.


Is the Queue empty before you add your playlist? Where is your music stored -- on a local hard drive or computer?

At an average of 15min per track, I assume that this is classical music. If you are storing music on a local hard drive or computer, check the length of your file names. I don’t know why this would be an issue at only 150 tracks, but long file and track names will fill the space allotted for the Queue. Some CD rippers will throw the whole first stanza of opera lyrics into the track and file names. Using very short file and track names I’ve stuffed 65,000 tracks into the Queue. File and track names are arbitrary for the system, but the human appreciates recognizable track names. Track title, Album name, Composer, etc. is often called “Meta Data”. If the Meta data is huge, you will not be able to reach the full 65,000 track library and space for SONOS Playlists and the Queue will be somewhat limited.

Submit a Diagnostic and invite SONOS staff to comment.


I've done the clear queue. Music is in Spotify and is classic rock. Playing it through my iPhone and Sonos connection. Sonos walked me through several resets, e.g., unplug WiFi, unplug Sonos Beam, sign out of Spotify, remove Spotify from Sonos app and sign back in, reinstall Sonos, send two diagnostics. All no go. No issue before iOS 14 update. Spotify plays fine on car and other speakers. Looks to bed issue with only one Spotify playlist. I can have it play a single song but it won't play the playlist.