Speakers in a Group drop out when audio switches

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Well, this one is annoying. I have a Yoga Studio and have 6 Play 3’s mounted on the walls, when you switch tracks or playlists or even when they songs run themselves and switch to the next track at least half of the speakers drop out, but within 30 seconds they all reconnect.


Internet speed is 300MB+ and I did try turning off the modem and router (just those 2) and for a short time afterwards the audio was switching perfectly no dropouts at all. Then today we are back to speakers dropping out again. 


In conclusion, the audio will drop from certain speakers and return within 30 seconds without intervention, the system consists of 6 Play 3’s, 2 SYMFONISK’s, a Connect, and a Boost.


If anyone has a solution or idea please share, one of my teachers ditched this epic Sonos system to use a JBL BT speaker for a class “because it works”, so please any help here is huge



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Thanks everyone for your support. The resolution for me was the inclusion of the Travel router. It wirelessly connects to Starlink the all devices connect to it. Plus I got all new Era 300s for the studio and Era 100s for the lobby 😉

I’m glad it’s finally (hopefully!) resolved - it must have been a frustrating year or so for you!

It’s really weird. I have a Sonos system I semi-manage that was connected to a StarLink system, had no issues at all. Not a bunch of speakers, though, but was certainly playing Spotify without perceived issues. 

However, the quality of the StarLink signal, with its frequent dropouts were an issue for video calls, this home has moved over to a 5G device. I think the homeowner is close to ditching StarLink (although he shares his signal with his neighbors, who want him to keep it). And StarLink had no way of setting up reserved IP addresses, at least that I could find.  Unfortunately, in this remote location, options for Internet service are a challenge. 

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Yes you are correct about Starlink and reserved IP’s, there is no way to set, which is why the travel router seems to solve the issue, thank you @nik9669a and @Stanley_4 for the suggestion (and anyone else if I missed you post).

However I have been a Starlink user at my home since the beta launch 4 years ago. In the early days video conferencing was a big issue, this was during Covid so it was a big problem, overtime though I can say this no longer an issue, I even have the original circular dish, but I did upgrade the router to the Gen 3 router at home and the studio started with Gen 3 router