sonos2 app killing me

  • 8 July 2022
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Hi there,

I have been running a Sonos1 & Sonos2 system for the last couple years with the problem screen shot included in this post.

The screen shot occurs occasionally (every 3-5 times) when I use the SONOS2 app. Disturbingly often when I just need to pause or reduce the volune

The system is setup as I want it with 2 zones on 2x sonos1 connect amps , 4x sonos2 as i cant afford to upgrade my other amps at this stage.

This  message on the screenshot is a bit confusing. Can you advise what I can do to stop this popping up?



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5 replies

Try this:

  1. Power off all your Sonos S2 devices, uninstall all your Sonos controller apps (S1 and S2).
  2. Download and install the S1 controller app, choosing to connect to existing system
  3. Power off all your Sonos S1 devices and power on S2 devices.
  4. Download and install the Sonos S2 app and choose to connect to existing system
  5. Power back on the S1 devices

Let us know if that works for you.

Hi John

Thanks for your reply. This looks like a bit of work but I guess it’s the only option, will come back once  I’m done and let u if it sorted it.

Hi John

Thanks for your reply. This looks like a bit of work but I guess it’s the only option, will come back once  I’m done and let u if it sorted it.

I initially get the impression that you ‘perhaps’ created your S2 system sometime ago, by initially taking the upgrade path from the S1 App and then left your S1 system in place with the older Sonos products.

If that is the case, then both of your Sonos Systems S1 & S2 are ‘still’ linked, as each will have the same (hidden) HouseholdID in your Sonos account.

I think one possible answer here, is to pick one of your systems and reset all and rebuild that system  from scratch, giving the system a new/separate HouseholdID and then, my thoughts are.. "never the twain shall meet” and your reported issues will be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to these things and it is a lot of work in some instances, plus it wipes everything you have in the one chosen system that you decide to reset.. but anyway those were my own thoughts to ‘perhaps’ stop these issues re-occurring.

Hey Ken, 

That’s  exactly what what I did so I think I’ll give that a go as a first option.

tegarfs John

I’ve intermittently struggled through this and used John B’s strategy. Is important that the ‘other’ system (S1 or S2) is fully powered down as you setup the system to add the new controller.

Both of my systems have the same System ID, but different HouseholdID’s.

I won’t say that I never, ever have an S1/S2 mix-up, but it is rare at this point. Particularly on the iPad controller I might see a brief S1 demand as the S2 controller starts up.