Sonos Turntable Reccomendation?

  • 28 May 2023
  • 4 replies

Hey all --- Interested in buying one of the Turntables on Sonos site to plug into my existing mutliroom Sonos System.

Two questions:

  1. Which turntable do you reccomend on the site?
  2. Do these turntables require connection to an AMP or Port, etc or do they have their own AMP that allows it to connect to Sonos system without new wires?

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4 replies

That would work. 

I believe you are mixing up terms.  To use a turntable with Sonos, you need two things; a Sonos device with a line-in (Amp, Port, Five, or an Era speaker with line-in adapter) and a turntable with either an internal or external phono pre-amp.  The phono pre-amp converts the RIAA phono mastering to standard line-in for use with the Sonos line-in, and is not to be confused with the Sonos Amp.  All turntables sold by Sonos have an internal pre-amp.

Thank you jgatie --- I was hoping to keep it simple and affordable for sure.   Is buying the package maybe the way to go --- I think there is one where you buy the Era speaker with the turntable, thatway I could then distribute the turntable sound throughout out the house?

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I have a 17 year old Pro-Ject turntable hooked up to a pair of Fives and a Sub Gen 3 (using an external phono pre amp as my turntable does not have one). I can highly recommend Pro-Ject as a make.