Sonos Speaker to be restarted every day to get found.

  • 24 December 2020
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Sonos Play 5 connected via LAN, another Sonos Play 5 in another room vis WLAN.

Every morning Sonos system cannot be found in the network. After speakers get disconnected from power the appear in the network.





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3 replies

The diagnose nr: 861492266

Sounds like your speakers are exposed to wifi interference. Check this link for workarounds; switching the channels, as described, may eliminate some interference.

It may also be worth refreshing your system: Power off the speakers, restart router and wait for the router to come back before you power on the speakers.

If “connected via LAN” means via ethernet, make sure that both speakers show as WM:0 in the app (System → About my system), as they should when the speakers operate on SonosNet (wired serup).

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You could also try assigning static/reserved IP addresses to your Sonos gear, use your router’s DHCP page and it is fairly painless.