Sonos S2 glitches when streaming TV from my playbar to other sonos speakers

  • 19 March 2021
  • 6 replies

I used to be able to stream tv audio from my playbar connected to my tv on Sonos s1, but with Sonos s2 the audio breaks up on other speakers even though it is fine on the Sonos speakers setup for my tv. 

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6 replies

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Try rebooting your router and unplugging the affected speakers from power for about a minute.

Thanks, I have tried that. It streams for a few minutes just fine then an occasional glitch. But when it glitches it happens across all speakers not tied to the TV. This never happened with Sonos S1. 

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Do you have any speakers connected directly to your router with an ethernet cable? 

No everything is wireless. 

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Is there a speaker close enough to your router that you could connect? You only need to connect one speaker to the router to create a SonosNet mesh network that could improve the network performance of all of your speakers.

Thanks, I will look into that. It is just annoying that it used to work fine with Sonos S1. This just started when I upgraded to s2 a few months ago.