sonos s2 app cant search or control speaker

  • 6 December 2020
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I am having issues with my Sonos Play 3 and the S2 app on the iPhone. The Play 3 is in my garage which borders my family room where my Fios router is. I have a Boost connected via Ethernet to the router. 

When I am using the S2 app in the garage, the app says I’m not connected to WiFi (even though the phone itself is still connected to WiFi.) I can’t search on Spotify within the app, and I can’t control the Play 3’s volume. As soon as I go through the door into the house, the app reconnects and works normally. 

I’ve tried factory resetting all of the speakers and the boost. I’ve also tried resetting my router. I’ve tried changing the wireless channel for SonosNet  I also tried changing the wireless channel settings on my router from automatic to manual. Nothing has helped  


How do I solve this problem? 



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1 reply

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Hi there @Rcatena_1999.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! Let me see what I can do to help you.

Have you tried a different controller aside from your phone to see if the issue occurs?

To better understand what’s going on, kindly submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app when the controller is connected (working) and another diagnostic while the issue occurs, then reply with the confirmation numbers. I'd start by reviewing your system and see if there’s anything that could possibly cause this issue.

Moreover, knowing how and through what Sonos is connecting would be a great foundation to troubleshooting this successfully.

  • May I have the make and model number of any wireless router and/or Access Point that exist on the network? It’s best if we can check any known issue or if there’s an additional configuration needed on the device that is essential for Sonos.

  • Please indicate also how these devices are connected to one another (wired or wireless).


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.