Sonos S1 Bridge Second-Hand

  • 16 September 2023
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I have bought a second hand Sonos S1 Bridge and I want to know how to I de-register the previous owenr with my details?   Is it even possible to get the bridge to work.   My existing bridge stop working and I purchased a second hand from FB.


Any help to get the second-hand bridge to connect and work with my Play 5 Gen1 is much appreciated.




6 replies

Just reset the Bridge back to factory setting to remove any previous owner settings… see this link:

I would personally choose to add the Bridge away from the router to begin with, using the ‘Settings/System/Add Product’ option in the S1 App (whilst your Play:5 (Gen1) is visible in the App) and then simply wire it to the router when you have completed its setup. Keep it away from your router - I suggest at least one metre away, or more.

Once the Bridge is setup, then remove any WiFi credentials (if stored) in the App ‘Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks’ area and ensure the SonosNet channel is at least 5 channels away from your routers 2.4Ghz WiFi channel. 



My existing bridge stop working

Actually it was probably just the power supply that stopped working. Bridge wallwarts have a habit of doing so as they age. You can easily get compatible replacements off Amazon. 


It might be worth trying your old Bridge (if still available) with the power supply from your new Bridge - just to see if it is what @ratty has suggested above.

Honestly, I’d avoid adding a BRIDGE altogether at this point. I’d either go with a BOOST (which can still run S1 if needed), or plug directly into a Sonos speaker, which then takes over those functions. 

Or just run on the house WiFi.

Thanks all for the your responses.  My player 5 Gen 1 and Sonos One Gen is all working now.   Much appreciated the responses!! :)