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  • 21 May 2023
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I am setting up a multi-room audio system and I want to stream music via SONOS as I have additional equipment that use this ecosystem. I considered adding a DSP to distribute the audio signal to 3 amps. I am new to audio systems so I would like to know if my way of thinking is correct.

1) Does using an XLR Y cable affect the quality of audio signal sent to the Amps?

2) I am thinking of using either the Dayton Audio DSP-408 or the t.racks DSP408. I like that Dayton offers mobile app control but I want to buy the one with the best audio processing capabilities. Is there any advantages on the t.racks over the Dayton?

3) Ultimately will the inclusion of the DSP improve Sonos audio (DAC) or will all these conversions affect quality? Could I possibly have better results if I avoid the DSP and use a crossover or splitter to go straight to the amps, and use the amp limiters for the subwoofer channels set the frequency range?

Any input will help! Thank you!





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3 replies

In your proposed setup the PORT’s would simply be inputs for the system. Operationally, there could be some pain with dueling Volume controls. I recommend using the DSP in ‘set and forget mode’, using the PORT’s for music selection and Volume control.

If you have another control system for each of the amplifier channels, there will be additional Volume control duels. One option might be to set the PORT’s for fixed output. While this will eliminate one fighter in the Volume duel, you will not be able to adjust PORT Volume using the SONOS App.

With respect to quality of sound, at best the DSP is a fancy tone control, it cannot increase resolution. 

I guess I did not clarify that the amps are not Sonos amps. They are bigger amps with more channels and more power per channel for the areas I need, also driving passive 400W subs. I want them to work with the sonos app and my other sonos devices (incl.sonos amps, soundbars, eras, speakers etc). Thus the sonos port. 





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Hi @Mavak72 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

To be a little blunt, I can’t see a reason why you’d want to do any of this. Sonos devices are completely capable of distributing audio amongst each other - multiroom is what we do. I also don’t see the point in the Ports - each Sonos Amp has Line-In, and can play Line-In from each other Amp too. All you need is a functional network.

So, I can’t answer your 3 questions because I don’t understand why the “DSP” would be needed in the first place.

As far as I can tell, all you need is an Amp and a Sub for each room you want music in. Perhaps it would be better for you to explain what it is you want to achieve, and I/we will let you know what you need in order to achieve it.

I hope this helps.