Sonos network instability / Sonos not found.

  • 30 April 2020
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I am a long time Sonos user.  I have numerous Sonos products in two homes.  It has worked beautifully until this week (4/27/20).  On 4/27-4/28/20, my IOS app could not find the Sonos network and kept showing the message System Not Found.  I tried rebooting devices, downloading updated app, even called Verizon to inquire if they had updated any router settings recently.  No luck.  I called SonosTech Support and the tech was very helpful.  We eventually got the app running by connecting a Play1 directly to my router with a data cable.  Rooms began appearing and then I lost the phone connection!!  However, the Sonos network again became unstable and many devices simply would not appear in Rooms and some that did would not play.  Later, after reading about the Legacy S1 products and the impending upgrade, I decided to unplug all of my S1 products which were five Connect-Amps.  Miraculously, the Sonos network came right back and Rooms once again appeared.  It has been stable for 24 hours and working fine…  What is going on with the S1 Connect-amps ???  Any advice how to get them back online without causing the network and app to crash?




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I’s suggest not getting sidetracked by Sonos updates that aren’t even promised for a month or two. It is like worrying about being hit by a 2022 model Ford, not going to be an issue for a while.

If I was in your situation I’d start by assigning each Sonos device a static/reserved IP address from the router’s DHCP page. Then power down all the Sonos, reboot the router and controller. Power up your wired Sonos, wait a minute then power up the rest.

If you have a SSID set for WiFi access remove that from the Controller’s settings screen. You don’t want a SSID on a wired setup.

If that fixes the problem you had an IP address problem and it should never happen again as long as you have the static/reserved IPs in the router.

Thank you Stanley.  I will give that a try. Thank you for the suggestion.


I have 12 Sonos Work Perfect !!  not getting any disconnect  for a 2 months.. after I change my router that cover wide area and a repeater  using extender cable..