Sonos drops Connected to Nighthawk Mesh Wifi System (MR60)

  • 16 November 2020
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I have three (3) 1’s and one (1) 5 connected via a Nighthawk mesh wifi system. The system has great bandwidth but the Sonos system keeps dropping off. I have hard wired and factory resetted a number of times and the speakers show up for a period of time and then drop. I have changed channels (to 11, and 1 so far) and still the Sonos system keeps dropping. I have tried just about everything I can find and it still drops. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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13 replies

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Hi @kingcommoner.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your detailed post outlining the issue as well as the step(s) that you did, let me help and try to figure this out.

Are there specific speakers that are dropping or it’s random?

Knowing how and through what Sonos is connecting is the great foundation to troubleshooting this successfully.

  • May I have the make and model number of any wireless router and/or Access Point that exist on the network? It’s best if we can check any known issue or if there’s an additional configuration needed on the device that is essential for Sonos.

  • Please indicate also how these devices are connected to one another (wired or wireless).


Kindly submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app when the issue occurs, and reply with the confirmation number. I'd start by reviewing your system,  it will help in identifying what's possibly causing the issue.


You may check this article that will help you bring back a Sonos speaker that has disappeared from your Sonos app. 


I’m looking forward to assisting you further from here.

If you have any other questions or run into any issues,  please do not hesitate to reach out,  we are always here to help.

May I have the make and model number of any wireless router and/or Access Point that exist on the network? It’s best if we can check any known issue or if there’s an additional configuration needed on the device that is essential for Sonos.


Hardware: MR60

Firmware: V1.0.6.102

Connection: Hard wired


Hardware: MS60

Firmware: V1.0.6.102

Connection: Wireless

I have switched the channel to Channel 1 recently and it is holding for the Sonos 5 and two of the Sonons Play 1 units. There is one Sonos Play 1 unit that keeps dropping off. I have hardwire all units to the MR60 and done a factory reset, including the Sonos Play 1 that is currently not visible. I have unpluged and powered back up this unit and it shows up for a brief period and the drops off again. 

I have submitted the diagnostic. The number is: 780488920

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Hi @kingcommoner.

Thanks for your response and for your effort in submitting the diagnostic.

Upon checking on the diagnostic report, there are multiple errors detected by the system and that still includes interference around Sonos components. I see that the Play:1 is not cloud-connected and the Sonos Five is now on the Wifi channel 153 while the rest of your Sonos is on channel 1.

We appreciate your patience, but at this point, it would be best to reach out to Sonos Support so we can take a closer look at this in real-time to expedite the process.

I suggest our phone team for they have more resources available on their system for advanced troubleshooting, and the tools our agents can use would be very useful in this case, there can be an advantage if they need to remote into the computer/controller to see what's going on.


If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, we’re always here to help.

Dear support team,

same issues here with all my Sonos speakers and new Netgear Nihjthawk MR60 (with two satellites) mesh WiFi. 

It’s becoming very frustrating; I’ve tried all suggestions I read about last weeks. Hope to listen to my music with Christmas.

is there a knowledge base article of specialized support team for this issue?


Thanks in advance, Jac-Rice 

Support team, 

I also have a Netgear Nighthawk MR60 and also having the same issue of a dropping speaker. I agree it’s very frustrating that your tech isn’t working. 

Is there a solution coming to fix the issue with mesh networks? 


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Hi everyone, we appreciate your patience on this, as I have suggested in my above post, it’s best to give us a call and work with a technician live, they'll start with checking your system health and go from there. They have resources available on their system for advanced troubleshooting, and the tools our agents can use would be very useful in this case.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

I am having the same issue with a NightHawk MR60. I have 4 speakers and each will randomly drop, then reappear eventually, or when I reboot them. I noticed in router diagnostics that the 2 which are missing have switched to the 5GH band. I’m assuming all four speakers are doing this (switching to 5GH, then reappearing when they go back to 2.4). As far as I know, there’s no way to force all four speakers to the 2.4GH band permanently. Anyone else seeing this or found a way to fix the issue? I just splurged on these speakers for XMas and am finding it really frustrating

Same issues here with a beam and sub. After a few months of use all of a sudden Sonos is getting dropped and no way to reconnect. Even with hardwiring Ethernet to each Sonos product. Just read in another forum that a person replaced there nighthawk system with a 3 satellite system Orbi and it works fine… Seems more like a software issue. Anyone know how to change the settings on the nighthawk router, because that’s the only telephone suggestions I got from Sonos and you can’t seem to do it in the net gear app. 

I went into Advanced tab, Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup and unchecked Enable 20/40 mhz coexistence. This seems to help them drop less, but hasn’t completely fixed the issue. I have not found any way to turn off the “intelligence” that causes the Sonos speakers to flip over to the 5 band instead of the 2.4. Sonos support suggested I keep re-setting them up, making sure I have my phone on 2.4 (which my Pixel doesn’t allow you to do), and repeat this until the setup goes through on the 2.4 band and “sticks”. Not really practical. I’m thinking of getting a different router, but what a PITA

I agree a lot of it is the router, but the Sonos app definitely does strange things. I can have one of the problematic speakers show up in the app and can start a spotify playlist. The app will keep accurately showing the current song playing, but will not allow me to control it at all (a message flashes that the speaker is “unavailable”). I have to go over to the speaker and pause it. Yet it’s clearly still connected and playing. Days later, I can go over to the same speaker and hit play and it will resume the same playlist, even if the speaker isn’t showing in the app.

Stolan, thanks for the word. i will def go into advanced settings and see if that helps more. i actually just received an update for my Nighthawk MR60 last night and of course it connected fine now. We will see if once again it lasts or not. 

Hi all

i was having the same issues. The Sonos team couldn’t work it out. I read somewhere else the problem could be solved by unplugging the TV.

I unplugged the TV and sonos beam, left it a few minutes and then plugged them back in. I haven’t had any of the same issues since. My set up is hardwired so possibly an issue with the ARC set up on the TV?

Hope I’ve not jinxed myself now.

Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Good luck!


Since the TV is the ‘hub/controller’ device on  all CEC connections, sometimes a reboot of that device is necessary. Most TVs don’t have a ‘reboot the OS command, so unplugging it from the wall for a minute or two does that process rather well. 

I have the same issue with SL1 and nighhawk. Rebooting the router helps sometime. Resetting the speaker helps sometimes.  I have tried factory reset with the speakers and it will stick for some time and then drop off from the network.  The issue happens only with Sonos and all other devices connected to the network is fine. Is there any solution to this at all or something being worked on? None of the support posts provides any fix.