Sonos Dropping out for last seconds of track

  • 25 February 2024
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Solution: 3 Amps, 1 Connect Amp, 2x Sonos Ones.

All Amps are wired in.

Recent Problems:

One Amp drops out for about the last 10 seconds of each track.

One Amp occasionally drops out for a period of time

This started, then stopped for a while but has now started again.

Any ideas as this is very frustrating


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6 replies

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We could start some kind of quiz show, but imho best option would be to send some diagnostics and call support team to take a look at.

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Did that before but no fix, just wondered if anyone else has this problem 

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What did Sonos suggest when you contacted them?

I’d lean to WiFi issues too so you could work through the FAQ WiFi topics.

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The usual, check at the latest version, check wi-fi, change the Wi-fi channel, reboot router etc. The AMPs which have had the problems were actually hard wired in, I changed to wi-fi and no difference so now back hard wired. One comment that was a mentioned was a the age of the AMPs with the latest version of software. I have some more diagnostics I am going to send through.


AMP’s should not be thrown into the ‘aged’ bin. CONNECT:AMP’s might be in that bin, but we don’t yet have definitive data on that point.

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Hopefully the issue has been resolved. Only thing I didn’t do yesterday was reset all the devices (possibly a school boy error) as they were powered on/off about a week ago but on call with Sonos they were reset again by the very helpful chap at Sonos, and on playing a couple of track no issue so hopefully will be ok.