Sonos Connect vs Port Buffering

  • 11 September 2023
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I currently own a number of Connect and Connect Amp devices and am having problems when streaming via Tune In. My devices reset on a regular basis. I could understand if this was due to a poor broadband connection but my download speed is in excess of 50 mb/sec which is more than enough for Sonos.

I’ve been told that this is due to a combination of the Sonos devices not able to buffer in storage along with Tune In not buffering as well. Note that my system is flawless when streaming from other providers such as, etc.

I’m thinking of replacing all of my equipment with new devices although I have no need for any of the “enhancements” found on newer devices.

Does the new Sonos devices have the ability to buffer to avoid the dropouts?


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2 replies

All devices buffer the same.  By “reset on a regular basis”, do you mean the station is dropped?  Because some stations will bounce you after a certain time if there is no input from the user. 

Undetermined.  By the vary nature of technology, the ‘parts’ in a Port would be ‘better/faster/more capable’ than those in a CONNECT and would help if indeed there was an issue in buffering within the Sonos device. However, this capability would likely have zero affect on an external source such as TuneIn, they would be using their own electronics.

My recommendation would be to try one replacement, and see if that helps, then move on to others. There is always the possibility that your system is fine, just disturbed by wifi interference, or even duplicate IP addresses.