Sonos Connect setup with reciever

  • 12 September 2023
  • 5 replies

I have a two channel receiver.  Can I connect two separate Sonos Connects, one to each channel?  Will this allow me to play two different sources to two different zones or do I need a two (multi) zone receiver for that?

5 replies

No, you cannot.  A two channel receiver plays in stereo, and there's no way to independently play each channel separately.

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Are you thinking you’d put the Left speaker in one room and the Right speaker in another?

That might sorta work but I don’t recall if the Connect offers a Mono mode output. You’d probably not want to connect the two Connect outputs to each other and to your receiver's input.


You could do this, but do not connect the outputs of the CONNECTS with a Y-Cable. You’ll need a mixer for each CONNECT that combines the left and right. There is no mono option for CONNECT.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like no if I’d like to keep it simple. Another question. How should i wire speakers so the output is mono. This is for a backyard where the pair will not necessarily be facing same direction 

This device could be used to derive the mono signal.

Don’t attempt to mono the speaker outputs. If the receiver is old enough it may have a “mono” button.