Sonos Connect:Amp + Sub skips the last 3 seconds of every song

  • 24 July 2022
  • 1 reply

I am using Amazon music, with my Connect:Amp and Sub. Whenever we play an Artists station, it skips the the last 3 seconds of every song. I cna hear the sub still producing sounds but the Amp does not. Exactly 3 Seconds of every song. It seems like a crossfade issue but crossfade is off. I've gone through the usual troubleshooting steps - rebooting the system, rebooting the router, changing the network channel, and deleting and reauthorizong Amazon Music all with no change. Any suggestions? I've searched here in the forum but every similar issue is more random as opposed to mine which is the last 3 seconds of every song. 

1 reply

How are the Connect:Amp and Sub each connected to the network?