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  • 10 September 2023
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Hello everyone,

Question about the connexions with the Sonos Boost :

If I connect the Sonos Boost to the Internet box with a cable, is it ok like that ? 

Or do I have to also connect one speaker with a cable to the Internet box / sonos boost ?

I suppose it's ok if just the Sonos Boost is connected with a cable but I would like to be 100% sure.


Thank you in advance.




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Yes, you can connect the Sonos Boost to your Internet box using an Ethernet cable, and it should work without the need to connect a speaker directly to the Internet box or the Sonos Boost.

The Sonos Boost is designed to create a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos speakers, improving the overall stability and performance of your Sonos system. When you connect the Sonos Boost to your Internet box with an Ethernet cable, it establishes a wired connection to your home network. This wired connection provides a solid foundation for your Sonos speakers to communicate with each other and access online music services.

You don't need to connect a speaker with a cable to the Internet box or the Sonos Boost itself for the system to function properly. As long as the Sonos Boost is connected to your home network via Ethernet, it will effectively extend the wireless range and connectivity for all your Sonos speakers, ensuring a robust and reliable Sonos setup.


Thanks for you complete answer.

I'll install the sonos boost next week with my new Starlink, my bridge and my Tp-link Decox50. I'll try to connect the sonos boost to the bridge and I'll see.




You’re using several terms that can be concerning. The standard StarLink device has no Ethernet connection port for you to connect anything to. You also use the words ‘boost’ and ‘bridge’, both of which are Sonos products. The Sonos BRIDGE should be deprecated completely, at least in my mind, there are enough troubles with the power supply to cause issues that are super challenging to track. The Sonos BOOST is the newer tech , but again, if you have no place to connect it to your Wi-Fi, with the additional fact that some newer Sonos tech won’t connect to it anyway, suggests there may be benefit in just hanging your system straight off the Wi-Fi signal generated by StarLink. A friend of mine has done this with no issues. 

Hello Airgetlam,

Sorry I’m really not an expert and I made a mistake. When I said “Bridge” I wanted to say “Swtich” :-)

And it’s nothing to do with Sonos, it’s a TP-link Switch.

So I’ll have my Starlink giving internet (with an ethernet adaptator from Starlink), connected with a cable to my switch TP-Link SG1016. In this switch, I’ll connect with cables my computers, other things and I guess the Sonos Boost.

I’ll also connect the first of my 3 TP-Link Deco to give a wifi in the hole house.

I just hesitate if I connect the Sonos Boost in my Switch TL-SG1016 or after, in the Deco.
I’ll make the tests and I’ll see. Hope it’ll work ...

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Are the Deco’s set up in router mode or access point mode? If they are in router mode you need to connect the Boost (and other hard wired stuff) to the main Deco. If not it does not matter.

Hello 106rallye,

Thank you for your comment.

The Deco's are in AP mode. So I think it will be ok.