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  • 3 December 2021
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I have bought a Sonos Amp and a Port to augment my system of 2 Sonos 5s, a Playbar and several Ones and Ikea speakers. I'm on Sonos net and have historically always suffered from interference. It's a big help being able to use the Support info to check signal strength etc

However the Amp and the Port are showing no info or colours etc on the report. I understand this may be a change in policy from Sonos - is that the case?

And if so……. why do it?


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3 replies

Not a change in policy. The latest players contain a (better) wireless card which doesn’t return ambient noise data in a form compatible with the matrix. The signal strength figures in the body of the matrix are still valid. 

Thanks for the reply - I’ve noticed a perceptible improvement in performance, but what you are saying is that we won’t see the noise floor or OFDM ANI data any more….. that’s a real shame, however I guess if the overall performance is better then OK…… 

How does the Sonos team diagnose interference issues when people submit diagnostics now? 

I think they have access to different data than us, which is part of the submission of a diagnostic report. 

My expectation is that there isn’t any further development doing on what we have access to, it is essentially “abandoned”, and still working, just not kept “up to date”.

I could be wildly wrong about both of those assumptions.