Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen

After updating to 9.0 on iOS, I am getting the message "Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen" on all my updated devices. The lock screen controls stopped working on all my controllers with above message.
I do not have any other music player running nor I have any sort of voice over configured. Settings for the app are correct with both hardware volume control and lock screen controls enabled on all devices.

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This update makes for an absolutely ridiculous way of forcing new third party functionality at the cost of what might be one of the best and most useful Sonos features.

Lockscreen controls are a must and moreover, useful for every user. This is lost to make way for an Apple specific function, which a lot of users don’t have any need for and above all is only available for users running the most current Sonos hardware. More ironically even, it is lost for the likes of AirPlay, a streaming technique which flaws actually brought a whole lot of customers to Sonos in the first place.

The official Sonos “fix” to switch AirPlay completely off in order to regain the lockscreen controls functionality is plainly absurd. It not only kills the very intent of the update, but even aggravates loss of overall functionality in the quite likely case you have an AppleTV running for video.

Properly fix this ASAP Sonos
The very least that could be done is creating a switch in the Sonos app to toggle AirPlay functionality and thereby giving users at least a choice of switching between lockscreen controls and AirPlay functionality!
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Thanks for sharing your feedback everyone, I'll make sure to pass it along to the right teams.

iOS does not natively provide a way to control devices on your home network from the lock screen in iOS, the controls are only available for audio being played on the device itself. The Sonos implementation of lock screen controls was built in a way that's no longer viable and with the launch of AirPlay 2 on Sonos, we made the decision to remove the functionality in households that use AirPlay.

I know that you'd love to see this brought back, and if turning off AirPlay on the non-Sonos devices in your home isn't an option, I understand that it's frustrating to lose the feature. I'll make sure to share what you're saying with the team.

Please remember to stay friendly with each other.
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My Sonos Play:1 was updated to 9.0 today, which as far as I can tell brought me no new benefits ... However I can no longer control my Play:1 without first unlocking my iPhone (or other iOS) device which is immensely frustrating. Why roll this software to a device that does not support AirPlay2?

I have an Apple TV which uses AirPlay so I have no desire to disable AirPlay, but I do want to restore the full functionality of using my Sonos prior to upgrading to 9.0

Sonos have managed to reduce the functionality and usability of the product, effectively changing how it works and providing no improvement. It’s extremely frustrating and disappointing

I'd extremely keen to know how I restore this functionality? How do I formally complain to Sonos?

So mad right now!
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The easy fix to all this is allow users to disable AirPlay support on the Sonos platform. It baffles me they released this without including this option. It was enabled with software, it can be disabled with software.

Most of us likely bought Sonos for it's native multi-room audio capabilities. AirPlay has it's uses, but is significantly inferior to the native Sonos solution as it requires your device to be constantly connected and sending audio. Sonos is both the sender and player. It doesn't drain my iPhone battery. It just works beautifully.

In addition, their solution of disabling Airplay isn't viable for anyone who has a Yamaha receiver (maybe other brands too), because Yamaha provides no way to disable AirPlay. You have to unplug it from your network, or segment it off on a separate VLAN that blocks AirPlay.

They succeeded in releasing something that made my experience with their product worse, and the only way to fix it is to make my experience with products they have nothing to do with worse. I think the only way to formally complain is submit a support request, which I did yesterday.
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For the most part, Sonos has been good at not doing things that harm the user experience via updates and mostly add features that enrich it. While then Airplay is nice for those that want it, removing the lock screen controls is truly a “head scratcher”. I can’t imagine any QA users would say “yes - make that change”. Please fix.
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Very unhappy 😞
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I was beaten up over my opinion of this when it leaked that this would be an issue.
Now, everyone is up in arms and Sonos basically says “it’s unfortunate” but insinuates “screw all of you.”
Jolly good!
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Like many of you in this thread, I'm also quite dismayed to have lost the lock screen controls, hard volume controls functionality, AND, especially, the ability to control the music via my Apple Watch with the new Sonos update and the addition of the AirPlay 2 functionality. Can anyone at SONOS speak to whether these features might come back in the future, as it appears that MANY loyal SONOS users have been negatively affected by these changes in the updated app.

I, for one, would gladly revert back to the previous SONOS app build if I could, especially considering that I do not own any AirPlay 2 capable SONOS devices nor, due to the investment already, do I plan to purchase any to replace my current SONOS speakers.

ANY feedback from a SONOS REPRESENTATIVE would be greatly appreciated.
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If this is a ploy to pull an “Apple” on us to make us upgrade to AirPlay2 then I won’t play ball. Maybe it’s time switch products after all.
I reset the sonos app and the lock screen controls returned, but then I lose them again if I use Apple Music or Podcasts app. Is there anyway to turn off Airplay so I don't have this issue? I have the Sonos One speaker.
Very unhappy customer. I have had this system up and running for a total of one month before you completely ruined the experience by disabling lockscreen control. If you want to force me to go back to using airplay please tell me you have no plans to fix this, and I will return my Sonos Connect a.s.a.p.
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I would not have bought my play:1s last year if it didn’t have lock screen controls. Scam. I bought a Sonos one today to help it but sound adjustment is even more convoluted. I’ll be returning my one tomorrow.

Sonos does not care about their customers.
I sent an email to support about this because it is a deal breaker for me. I have four expensive Sonos players on my network, two Play:3s and two Connect Amps. When I bought the first I was concerned that the player lacked a display to show me information about the playing track, which the Squeezebox Radio that it was replacing had had, and even the ancient SliMP3 I used before that did. When I built my own network music player software, I even jury rigged a plasma display to the Linux box I was using to control it. Lacking one seemed a poor and cheap design choice, but trying out the Play:3, I found that I was able to live without it because I could use my lock screen (and even more importantly, my Apple watch, at a quick glance while cooking) to find out information about the track playing if it caught my attention as something I might want to add to my DJ collection.

This is crucial functionality to me. I used to pay my cable company a few dollars extra each month during the nineties, in order to rent a “DMX DJ Remote”, a clunky, heavy remote control with an LCD display that would show me this information about tracks playing on the digital music service I subscribed to.

And now it has gone away, and my expensive investment in Sonos equipment, supposed to be full-featured, is suddenly unusable. I can’t turn off my AirPlay devices, because I use them for streaming video.

I need Sonos to work the way it used to. It doesn’t ever need to interact with AirPlay, I use it for different things. But I need to be able to see what is playing at a glance on my watch, and control it there and on my lock screen.
I also want the lock screen controls back. Let us have a choice to dissble airplay2 functionality. I only have one compatible unit for airplay2, but would rather have lock screen functionality back than airplay2. I have been a happy Sonos-user for 15years, and this choice by Sonos really shocked me. Disable airplay is not an option for me, as I use it for videostreaming to appleTV.
Dear Sonos Team,

This was really disappointing. Removing this function was a move in wrong direction. Hope you are able to get it back as soon as possible.
Currently the only solution is to downgrade to Sonos App 8.6.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Unfortunately not, I was lucky to have an old version (12.5.5 ~ 12.6.3) of iTunes installed on my computer, back when the App Store was still available on the iTunes platform, and you could back up your apps to the computer.

I had 8.6 backed up there. Deleted version 9.0 and dragged and dropped 8.6 while my phone was connected.

I suppose I'll wait here until Sonos fixes this.
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I’m rather confused - my lock screen controls, including hard buttons, work fine. I just tested it, then played something from my iPad to my one Airplay compatible Sonos device, grouped it, then ungrouped it, then started playing something on a non-Airplay Sonos zone. Each time, lock screen controls were there, and worked as expected. With something playing on a non-AirPlay zone, locked the screen and the controls are there. When I used airplay2 to send something from the music app, it worked fine, and the on screen controls were for that track. When I stopped the music, set my iPad to play local instead of AirPlay, and then restarted something on the other zone, locked the screen and controls reappeared. Volume control with slider and hard butttons worked. Has this issue been changed already?
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Very unhappy with this. It has effectively broken the basic functionality of my Sonos system.

There are so many reasons why this is an issue, but essentially it comes down to the update removing an essential feature which most users would use multiple times daily, in order to introduce a new feature to a small number of users that would benefit them in only a very specific use case.

I am unable to switch off AirPlay functionality on my other devices, my AV Receiver needs to be on in order to amplify my Sonos connect. The AirPlay functionality is built into that device and cannot be disabled.

This definitely needs to be resolved ASAP, because the current scenario is unworkable and frankly unacceptable. My Sonos has effectively been broken by the update, as it no longer functions in the way it did when I bought it.
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During 2018 Sonos has succeded in removing every instant remote control from their product line. In April the support for CR100 (the old sturdy quick access remote control) was removed. And now a few month later the quick access for controlling Sonos on iDevices has been removed.

And Yes - I am using AirPlay (Not AirPlay 2) for multiple purposes in the household - and a wast amount of other people are as well.

I am used to be able to turn down volume within a few seconds (when the phone ring or someone is at the door), this is no longer possible.

You (Sonos) has changed an elegant sophisticated integrated music system into some neerdy gadget that totally lacks the instant, convenient usefullness. You are scaring your own customers away.
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In a multi-room, multi-user household, AirPlay is useless for audio. When I start a playlist on Sonos, anyone with the Sonos app on their device (iOS, Android, PC, Mac), can open it up, see what's playing, change the track or the volume, etc.

With AirPlay, the only person who can do that is the one who started streaming it from their device. Why would Sonos choose to hobble the great functionality they built over the years to cater to a niche Apple-only use case?

A quick look through the Apple developer docs show it is possible to enable/disable AirPlay support. Heck, Sonos suggested we do this for our 3rd party apps. If 3rd parties can do it, why can't Sonos? This would solve this mess and provide users a choice for how they want to engage with their Sonos system.

This thread has 3500 views as this time. I'm sure there are many more users besides the posters that feel the same as we do.

Please fix this Sonos.
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I agree: There needs to be a way to disable AirPlay 2 from the Sonos App in order to return what can only be described as basic functionality.
Thanks for ruining my weekend Sonos. Fix this please, otherwise us users will revolt. I am being serious.... very annoyed.
I love my Sonos play 3 but this seriously affects my user experience. Planned on buying more sonos products for other areas of our home, that is now hold. This update is a mess, please fix. Lock screen control is a must.
The loss of lock screen is an unacceptable loss in quality of your product. I don’t want to use airplay on Sonos but now I need to disable my Apple TV if I want the lock screen back. Ridiculous. I have two play 5s and a play bar and functionality is getting worse not better. You should refund some of the purchase price for taking away functionality.
I'm in complete agreement that this is a serious issue and one that needs to be addressed by Sonos (and/or Apple of course).

In the meantime and for those like me that found the original Sonos warning about losing lock screen controls and how to reinstate them unhelpful "refer to your equipment manufacturer" - here's what you need to do to to get the lock screen controls back if you have one or more AppleTVs on your network (which I suspect is the only Airplay device most people have):

On the AppleTV menu, go to Settings> Airplay> Airplay (toggle to "Off").
Do this on all AppleTVs on your network.
Restart the Sonos app on your phone (just kill and relaunch worked for my, there was no need to go into Sonos settings> Advanced Settings> Restart Controller as others have suggested).
Hey presto - Lockscreen controls are back!

Sonos/Apple - please fix the underlying problem though...