Sonos app can't see speakers all of a sudden

  • 24 November 2020
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Today (as usual) I started up my Spotify on my Mac and it could only see one out of three Sonos speakers. So I fired up the Sonos app and it can’t see any of them. I restarted the speaker (“office”) in question, rebooted my Mac twice, restarted the router, no luck. 


So then I tried my iPhone, same story. But it did get an update to iOS 14.2 last night. So I went to the Sonos support site and saw that I had to change a privacy setting, which I did and that solved the problem on my iPhone. But not my Mac. 


Does anyone have an idea of why my Mac/Sonos can’t see the speakers? The error message is “Sorry, we can’t connect to Sonos. 


BTW, Spotify can see one of the three speakers. If I go into Spotify on my iPhone and select my office speaker, and then go back to Spotify on my mac, it is now listed there. Weird. 


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2 replies

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As a first suggestion assign all Sonos a static/reserved IP address from your router’s DHCP page. Power down all Sonos. Reboot router and controller. Power up any wired Sonos first then the rest, do them one at a time.

If after the reboot things are still wrong submit a diagnostic and post the number here for Sonos staff to look at.

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Thanks. The speakers are working now so I’m reluctant to touch anything… but when the problem comes back I’ll try the static IP idea. I’ve never assigned static IPs before, so I hope it’s not too complicated. 

(When I say the “speakers are working,” I mean that I can functionally use them from within Spotify. They are still invisible from within the Sonos app.)