sonos amps play nice with Sonos Port with its own amp.

  • 3 April 2024
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I have three zones.  I had a yamaha 3060 powering them  I now have


sonos amp - kitchen study

sonos amp- patio

sonos port  with the yamaha 3060 amp 


  1.  is there a way to not have to go into the app (yamaha) and turn it on so that sonos port will work. .. meaning can i just use the sonos phone app and tell it to turn everything on in all zones.. I know sonos port has a trigger.. ?  
  2. is there a way for screen tv viewing of what is playing on the sonos system 

thank you   


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It looks like the 12v trigger on the Yamaha Amp is an output (same as the Port) so you’re probably out of luck with powering it on. See image below.

 Maybe see if it can be operated with a voice assistant (Alexa/Google) and/or something like a Logitech Harmony Hub perhaps, but personally I would just go with what you’re doing now.

I don’t know of any App that now displays from Sonos onto a TV screen, other than you can use in-built TV/A/V device Apps  like Amazon/Apple Music, or Deezer etc. which can play on TV’s and output to a Sonos Amp/Soundbar over HDMI/Optical/Airplay link and be grouped to other Sonos ‘rooms’ and those will show on-screen what’s playing/artwork/lyrics etc.