Sonos amp starts cutting out after 2/3 days

  • 2 April 2024
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I have a Sonos Connect:Amp.

it is about 7 years old.

it has started to play up, cutting out frequently. This happens every three/four days.

to fix this, I have to switch it off overnight after which it works fine again for a while.

at the moment, I switch it off and pull the plug every night and all is fine.

however, this is a new thing so not how unit should work.

has anybody had anything similar?

FYI if I play through Alexa at the same time there are no breaks in the music, which suggests to me it is not the Router or anything upstream.

I begin to think the unit is overheating. Letting it “cool down” seems to be the fix.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!



Moderator edit: changed Sonos Amp to Sonos Connect:Amp for accuracy

1 reply

If you are running it on the S2 app, Sonos is probably the culprit for having broken your unit; for which see this for more colour on the subject: