Sonos amp in garden ZP120 is intermittent with connection and playback

  • 4 September 2023
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Hello everyone,


I've been a sonos user from the very start and have a 6 zone system ( 5 in house and one amp in garden ).


The amps and play 5 work fine in the house no issues….


The Garden ZP120 has always been a bit hit and miss in terms of connecting to the house. Sometimes you can find it in the zone list sometimes not.  When you can find it getting it to join other zones is problematic also.


Yesterday being a lovely day, we wanted to sit out and enjoy the music from the garden.


It was on and off all afternoon and I got so frustrated with it I just turned it off and listened to it on headphones from my phone.


I was using Spotify and the house speakers were fine but the garden was very intermittent.


We normally have 35meg download but yesterday it was quite low at 7 meg download speed.


I tried getting music from my NAS drive so we were not streaming and that was cutting out also.


So I am trying to determine if its the internet connection or that the amp is too far away from any of the other sonos products.


Hard wiring isn't a real option so i wondered if anyone had any other suggestions.


My garden system is in a nice shed which is circa 10-12m from another Amp and 14m form a bridge unit.  There are house walls / glass in the way too.


Any thoughts on how we can improve this situation would be appreciated.


We use sonos S1 also.


Cheers !








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6 replies

It could simply be that the ZP120’s wireless signal is struggling. Go to http://x.x.x.x:1400/support/review, where x.x.x.x is the IP address of any player, and click Network Matrix. Anything red spells trouble; orange could be borderline. You can screenshot the matrix and post it if you wish, but in that case mask off the serial numbers.

On the other hand the words “bridge unit” ring alarm bells. If it’s a Sonos Bridge its power supply could well be failing. The Bridge is now deprecated:

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Hi Ratty,

I changed the psu for the bridge a few years go when I had a problem with connecting.

I may well see if I can put in a Ethernet cable to my play 5 to see if that helps and bypass the bridge entirely.

Appreciate the advice though as it was a bit frustrating yesterday.  Will give it a try and let you know….

Thanks a million…….

Bridge contains inferior Sonos wireless hardware tech. We’ve moved on by at least 2 generations since then. 

We cannot rule out a hardware issue with ZP120. Bring the unit inside and play it for a while.

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Sonos Guru’s,

So I've now removed the bridge - just unplugged it and I've managed via a tp link mains ethernet adapter to get an ethernet cable from the router to the Play 5 that I have.

TP Link -

So simple to set up - plug it in - connect ethernet cable from router - press reset on both units and a link to your router is established.  Second cable to the Play 5 - Great if you cant easily run a cable to the Sonos units.

So far we seem to have a much more reliable connection and the Garden amp seems to like that much better.

Thanks so much for the advice - Much appreciated !

Sonos doesn’t officially support powerline -- it’s prone to bandwidth and latency issues -- but so long as it’s only providing a single wired connection between the system and the outside world you’re likely to be okay.

It’s when multiple Sonos players are wired and powerline forms the connection between them that problems can set in.