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  • 29 January 2023
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An older thread was closed on this topic.  I have a 3y old Sonos Amp that also died.  No power despite trying multiple power cords, outlets, reset.  We have 4 amps and 4 ports, and none of the others died so I do not think this is a power surge (all are connected to surge protectors).  I am now a little worried, since this was the oldest amp we have--  are these other Sonos Amps destined for failure?  Before I buy a replacement, I wanted to see if others are seeing these fail...


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5 replies

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Hi @lawfon, welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to hear that one of your devices isn’t working, however this doesn’t mean that your other Amps are going to follow suit. Device failures can happen but there are many users on the Sonos Community that are running products much older than your Amp that are working fine, so I wouldn’t worry about loosing other parts of your system.

In cases like this, I’d always recommend you check with our support team as it’s best to troubleshoot the issue live, however if you’ve tried multiple cables and outlets, then it’s more than likely that the Amp is experiencing a failure. Our support team will also let you know what your options are for replacing the Amp.

I hope this helps!

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Begs the question: Is anyone aware of a Sonos repair service?

I mailed our refrigerator’s circuit board to Texas for repair, reinstalled, and now the fridge is good as new. Would be great to be able to do the same with a dead Sonos unit...

Not here in the US. I’ve seen some posts that indicate there’s a place in the UK, but they wouldn’t be an “authorized” repair center. As soon as you open the device, you effectively remove any chance of getting either a replacement or a discount from Sonos for it.

If you and Sonos can prove it’s a manufacturing fault, they’d likely (and I’m not promising) replace it for you. Which is why, I suspect, @Jamie A is suggesting that you call in to them. Since he mentioned “options”, and all. 

Thank you for these responses. I tried connecting with the support team via chat twice but they were not helpful. One customer service person relayed that they needed to ask a more senior person what to do, then the session disconnected.  Maybe I should call them instead of using the chat?  The price of these devices are such that they are not disposable… This specific amp was used less than 3 hrs/week so its not like it was driving a load continuously all this time. Not sure how I can demonstrate a manufacturing fault in this device with no moving parts. I bet its due to a faulty power supply part as the other post alluded to.

Unfortunately, those of us in the community can do anything to help at this point. Yes, I’d recommend calling, rather than chat, but you can still be disconnected on a telephone line, but I still am of the opinion folk take more care when engaged in a voice conversation. 

Unfortunately , any electronics device, especially one as complex as a computer, can fail, for whatever reason. Only Sonos can help you, if that’s the case, unless you’re willing to chance a non authorized repair. Some have had great success in that direction, I don’t recall anyone posting here that they haven’t, but the since it’s an unsupported thing by Sonos, there aren’t a lot of posts about it, either.