Sonos amp constantly loses connection to whatever medium I am playing - Spotify, Sonos Radio etc

  • 20 February 2022
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I have a Sonos Amp that constantly loses connectivity. As soon as I start playing via the Amp, connectivity is lost within minutes. This is an ongoing issue and has been going on for many months. Please advise what is causing this issue and how to resolve. It is extremely frustrating. This is a relatively new device (9 months old) and having looked forward to listening to music through the Sonos amp it is becoming more than frustrating and incredibly disappointing I have a device that does not work as it should 

2 replies

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What model router do you have?

Try the solutions in this article:

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In addition to the article suggested by @GuitarSuperstar  might you tell us how your network is setup. Configuration such as router & modem or Mesh and equipment.