Sonos A100 Is there a total filelength imitation to recognize .wav on laptop?

  • 3 December 2021
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Hello.  Previously had been in touch because I have large .wav collection of my recorded LP collection that I couldn’t access.  I learned bit speed had to be 16 or less; tested a conversion that worked and thought I was done.  But continued having ‘no show’ files in app, or otherwise having files not playable in a few cases.    My track filenames can be long, including composer, name of piece, movement, key, opus #, etc, and folder structure can be several layers deep.   I just today discovered that if I moved a file one layer higher in folder structure A100 would see it.   Is there a ‘total file length’ recognition limitation?




9 replies

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Make sure the sample rate is 48kHz or lower too.

Thanks GS.  I know very little about this sort of  transmission detail, but not afraid of looking stuff up.  Will certainly learn more about this!!  Would be nice not to have to rethink my file organization.


In Windows there can be a maximum pathname length restriction. Where are the files stored? If on Windows, which version?

I’m using Windows 10, and files are stored a couple levels down in the Music folder.   I’ve gotten the 256 character message limit message several times.  I had set up a folder of my ‘finished edit files’ in folders deeper than a bunch of ‘work in progress’ files.  So I think that effectively adds an unnecessary folder title to get to the playing files.  For starters I think I need to reverse location of those folders?


It sounds like you are hitting the Windows limit.

Presumably you’re trying to browse using the Sonos Folders view. WAV has poor metadata support, otherwise you could make the folder/file names something really short and rely on the indexed metadata.

You might want to consider batch-converting to FLAC and using a tag editor to batch-parse strings from each pathname into tags which Sonos supports.

Alternatively move the library to a network storage device without the Windows limitation. Most run a flavour of Unix.


You presume correctly.  And yes, I was also looking at other file types--so may look into conversion to FLAC esp if I can find a batch option.  But am old fashioned enough to want resident files.   Interesting to know, though that some cloud options may not have filelength limitation.  Thanks much for the good info.  I’ve got some directions to try thanks to you and GS.



Interesting to know, though that some cloud options may not have filelength limitation. 


Not cloud based. I was referring to local network-attached storage

Ah, TY ratty.  noted

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I went with FLAC, the meta data options were a nice improvement as was the reduction in file sizes. It is a lossless conversion and you can easily go from FLAC to other formats.

The file size impacts not only storage but the amount of data Sonos must pass to the speakers.

My sound files now live on a Raspberry Pi, cheap but fast enough to keep Sonos happy.