SiriusXM Streaming Stops On Google When I Open Sonos App

  • 21 September 2022
  • 4 replies

A SiriusXM station will be streaming to a Google Nest Hub Max and when I open the Sonos app the Google Nest Hub Max stops streaming saying the SiriusXM account is being used on another device.  I didn’t play or even search for anything on SiriusXM through the Sonos app though.  All I did was open the app on my phone.  I hit no other buttons.

How do I fix it so I can listen to SiriusXM on my Google Nest Hub Max in one room while listening to music (not on SiriusXM, on Google Music) through a Sonos speaker in another room?

4 replies

I would submit a diagnostic soon after the issue occurs.  You can then contact Sonos support and they would be able to what was happening in your system at the time the issue occurred.

Did this happen just one time or does it happen consistently?  Are any of your Sonos speakers have Sirius XM stopped/in focus when you open the app?  The app will ping the speakers to know they are there what they are currently doing, but that shouldn’t register as a stream is playing. 

It happens every time, so it’ll be easy for me to submit a diagnostic right after.  I’ll do that.  There may be a speaker with Sirius XM stopped in focus.  I’ll double check that and play around with it after submitting my diagnostic.  Thanks.

To follow up, I did confirm one of my speakers had a Sirius XM station stopped in focus from weeks earlier.  I didn’t see a way in the app to just clear the speaker of this status, so I just played something from a different source (Google Music).  I then waited a half hour and re-tested.  Sirius XM playing on my Google Nest Hub Max no longer stops just by opening the Sonos app on my phone.

Disappointing that I can’t play Sirius XM through Sonos using Google voice commands and now Sonos kills all other connections to Sirius XM when I open the Sonos app (where a speaker was left with Sirius XM in focus).  Sonos, meh.

I submitted a diagnostic, but I’m not very hopeful this will be addressed.  Sonos support has never been helpful in the past.

I spoke with support and gave them my diagnostic information.  Within 24 hours they got back to me with the typical worthless response…

In response to me starting the Sonos app on my phone.  Just starting the app, not doing anything else.

“ to initiate a connection to the Sirius XM account in order for it to be able to start a playback if needed...”

And their solution.

“...we can recommend in this situation is to have the Sonos system set up on a different Sirius XM account if possible, so the limitation from Sirius XM will not affect other devices...”

How about you don’t connect to Sirius XM until I actually want to interact with Sirius XM?  Or at the very least give me an easy way to clear Sirius XM from being in focus on a speaker.