Setting up a Sonos Connect to play music reliably with unreliable internet

  • 23 September 2023
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I’m doing a small audio project for a local gym. They have all of the equipment they need to play music during their workouts. The way they have it set up to play is they have a Sonos Connect connected directly to a speaker system. They use their Samsung Galaxy Android tablet to control the music to play using the Sonos app. The Sonos Connect is wired to the router that provides access to the internet for them. They use either Spotify or Apple Music as the source of the music.

When the internet goes down or gets spotty, they can’t play music and if that happens during a workout, it’s a big problem. What I’m planning to suggest to them is that we get some sort of local source of music they can use as a backup. Something like an external drive that can be connected to the Sonos Connect directly with some MP3s on it. Of course they wouldn’t have a big variety of music on their backup system and they’d have to buy the music that goes there, which are two downsides.

Is this a good (or maybe the best?) solution? What are other good or better options?

Thanks for the feedback and help.

2 replies

An NAS, or a thumb drive connected to the router if the router has a USB port.  Add either one as a local library.

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If the Android tablet has a headphone socket, it might be easiest to just connect the tablet and Connect with a cable and store the music on the tablet.

I hope this helps.