S1 set up separately from my S2 - but after a few days S1 app says “Use S2 app”

  • 3 March 2021
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I have both old and new devices. 

went through the many factory resets over the weekend and created all old devices again as new on S1, while S2 running only me new devices. 
worked fine when I sat it up and using my Sonos account on both S1 and S2. 

but only after a few days now the S1 app doesn’t give access to the old devices. It pops up with the message to “Use Sonos S2 app” and no function to say”No I stay on S1 with my old non-S2 compatible devices” !


what is going wrong here ?


Diagnostics submitted just now. 319537631 for S1 / 1535573725 for S2


pls advise. 

Peter HKG


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Hi @pminorHKG 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for your post, and for your diagnostics - despite one being sent from your S1 app, they are in fact both diagnostics of your S2 system - the S1 app is complaining because it’s the wrong app for that system.

To resolve this, you just need to reset the S1 app (Settings » App Preferences » Reset App » Reset) and connect it to the existing S1 system. However, your S1 system is (at time of writing) offline. Are they powered on? Do they have solid white lights?

If your S1 devices have already been setup since their resets, and you just need to connect the S1 app, make sure that when you do so, you press a button on an S1 device when asked (though you will need to find out why they’re not online before trying to connect the app. Let us know what the lights are doing, and we’ll be able to help). If the S1 app doesn’t detect 2 systems, it will connect to the one it finds without asking for a button press (your S2 system, presumably). 

If the S1 devices are flashing green, you’ll need to select “Setup a new system” in the S1 app after resetting it, then go through the process of adding each S1 device.