Rooms drop and now I can't reconnect

  • 16 November 2020
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I have 5 zp100 units set up in my house and for some reason 2 of the rooms continually drop out. I have verizon fios that connects to google mesh. The sonos amps are hard wired into one of the google mesh nodes so they don’t (hopefully) do anything wirelessly. I just tried setting up the mesh so that each of the zp100 units has a dedicated ip address, so hopefully that helps with the dropping out problem.  However, now one of the units just flashes white and I can’t get it to show up in sonos. Googlemesh says it is connected to the network at the ip address I selected. I did run a diagnostic report and it is 2129878038. Would appreciate any help!


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2 replies

If memory serves, Google mesh devices work by breaking the system into different subnet with the same SSID and password, which would break Sonos, since Sonos devices require the same subnet in order to communicate with each other and ultimately the controller.

Try removing the Ethernet cables on all but one device, and that device should be wired to the ‘base’ device of the Google system. Make sure that all ‘radios/WiFi’ are turned on in each Sonos, and then make sure that your Google mesh’s network channel isn’t the same (or close) to the SonosNet channel as indicated in the controller. Sonos restricts use to 1, 6 and 11, so you’ll want your Google Mesh to use one that’s at least 5 channels away from the SonosNet one. 

If having one device wired to the base Google unit is inconvenient, you might consider a Sonos BOOST, which is what I use, since I have no need for a speaker close to my router. 

Thanks Bruce. Will give that a shot.