Playbase wifi no longer functioning.

  • 28 October 2020
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I already have a pretty good idea of what's wrong from looking through community topics but I'm going to ask anyway.   

I have a playbase set up via wifi in a home theater setup with 2 sonos ones + sub.   I had no issues for almost a year.    A few days ago I noticed the sonos one google voice assistant was not functioning.  Looking into the app, it showed 3 errors (? +sub+LS+RS) .  The playbase was missing,  even though it was still functioning (sending sound from my tv)... but surrounds and sub no longer working with the playbase.

I rebooted the playbase, no luck.  I factory reset the playbase, no luck. I got the green flashing LED,  but the add product option in the S2 app would not find the playbase no matter what I tried.

Finally I ripped my mesh wifi system apart and rigged it up to the playbase via ethernet and voila the playbase was found immediately.  So I removed all the units I have and reconnected everything to the playbase and all was good.  I then change from wired back to wireless via the app and all still seems fine (no errors, etc)...  I then unplug the ethernet cable assuming all is back up and running but no...  playbase disappeared again and I'm back to square one.   Repeating this twice, I find it definitely won't work unless the playbase is wired via ethernet.


Must say I'm a little disappointed as I believe the wifi card is shot, as I've seen happen to many on here.  


I submitted a diagnostic report.  931201136


Can anyone confirm for me this is another wifi card failure?



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3 replies

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Hi @Pree83 

Wi-Fi is possible as are other considerations (not to mention a failing NIC). However, since you have submitted a diagnostic I suggest you wait for a response as they have the tools to make a proper analysis. We in the forum can only speculate and possibly waste your time with troubling steps; especially if if turns out that it is a faulty NIC.  You might also consider calling Sonos Tech support for a more expedient answer to your inquiry.

Thank you @AjTrek1 

Just letting everyone know, it was indeed a defective wifi card.  Got in touch with a service rep today (no wait), and 10 minutes later a replacement is now on its way.   Good service.