Play 5 Gen 1 not working

  • 11 December 2020
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I am unable to connect my Play 5 gen 1 to bridge, line in also does not work.  The chime works when I press mute or volume but that is all.  The lights flash green but sometimes are just steady amber.  I have tried rebooting, factory reset, direct ethernet connection - nothing works.


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5 replies

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Probably should not have done the factory reset.

Try unplugging the Bridge from power and plug the Play 5 into Ethernet and power it up.

As you wiped everything with the Factory Reset you would need to follow the “new System” instructions.

If it works, set the WiFi connection settings and unplug the Ethernet after a couple minutes. Power cycle the Play 5 and see if it connects. If it does it is likely a Bridge failure. If it does not it is likely a Play 5 radio failure.


The Bridge is optional these days so you can get by without it. If you want to keep it try replacing the power supply, a common failure. You could also replace the Bridge with a Boost.

Hi Stanley 5 -  brilliant.  Followed your intructions and the play 5 is working after setting it up directly connected to ethernet.  What do you mean by saying “set the wifi” connections setting”? 

It is working while directly connected to ethernet,,,,, I am leaving it there to see your explanation of “setting the wifi”  Also by “power cycle the Play 5” I am assuming you mean turn it off then on again?  Not usuing any bridge or do I reconnect the bridge now?  Thanks


OK.  I found the wifi settings - and powered up the speaker - and behold!  It works!  I’ll check the power supply on the bridge - as you suggested - but I really don’t need the bridge now.  Your response was SOOO helpful.  I was totally stumped.  Thankyou!

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Glad to help, the old Bridge iffy power supply issue has driven many to distraction and unkind words.