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  • 7 August 2021
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If I connect the sonos in my kitchen to a LAN cable, the dining room (otherside of brick wall) has a poor very very intermittent sound issue…. If I plug the living room sonos into a LAN cable too, the dining room signal is then perfect…. the living room is further away, but not though any walls…. 

Is the 2.4 Sonosnet network really that weak? I thought all of my devices would connect to each other in a mesh and make a stable network… doesn’t seem to be that way. Considering just plugging them all into a LAN connection!!!


Any thoughts? 


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I’m afraid it’s just not clear from your post what changes you have made, or what your exact setup is, so I will just guess that it’s a central-based router with no other WiFi access points🤔? If so, then…

Are you setting the SonosNet channel well away from your router’s 2.4Ghz channel?

Is the router 2.4Ghz channel set to a ‘fixed’ non-overlapping channel (channel 1, 6 or 11?) and using a channel width of 20MHz to reduce interference?

Also when switching to SonosNet, if you have no Sonos portable products, have you removed the Routers WiFi credentials in the network settings so that the devices connection has no chance of hopping between the SonosNet signal and your router’s WiFi signal?

Are the wired Sonos products set at least one metre away from your router?