No sound until speaker removed from group and added back in

  • 17 November 2022
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We have a system with a Play:1, Play:3 and Connect. All are in a single group.

Until recently everything worked fine but in the last few weeks the Connect has started playing up. Even though the app is showing that music is still playing on the Connect and there is sound coming from the other two, the music stops on the system connected to the Connect.

Removing the Connect from the group and adding it back in resolves the problem temporarily. 

I don't know how long the fix lasts, we normally find the problem has returned the following day but today it actually happened while in use.

Has anybody else had this and found a solution?







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4 replies

Hi.  Are any of these devices wired to your router?  Has anything changed on your network recently, e.g. change of router?

Which of your Sonos devices is closest to the router?  From which device have you started the group?  (That will be whichever device is named at the top of the Now Playing screen.)




Hi John

There have been no network changes and all Sonos devices have reserved ip addresses.

The Play:3 is wired to the router.  The Connect is physically closest to the router.

The group is actually started from the Connect.  I have now remade it, starting with the Play:3, to see if that resolves the issue.



I don’t know if it will resolve the issue, but what you have done is definitely a good move.  See how it goes.  It would be helpful to know if this helps or not.  And the Community can offer further help if it doesn’t improve things.


Thanks John