Music stops

  • 2 June 2023
  • 3 replies

New Sonos Port that is hardwired to the internet. The Port outputs to a Shure mixer that then outputs to a QSC 800V amp that's on a mechanical timer that shuts it off at 9pm and on at 10am. When playing music from the Sonos library or SiriusXm, when the amp turns on in the morning,  there is no music playing or even selected to be played. I have to select what to play and play it. Is there some kind of "sense" circuitry?

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3 replies

Are you saying you want a constant stream going to the port which is only heard when the QSC is switched on by the timer?  Why not make an alarm which starts a playlist or SiriusXM station on the Connect at the same time the power comes on to the amplifier?  Certainly that is better than having a constant stream which is not even audible.

Interesting. I didn't know one could select an input source for the alarm. I'll check it out. Thank you 

Update on the alarm attempt. I believe this somewhat worked. The unfortunate thing is that the Sonos Port also did what I thought it should do. It never stopped playing music. So when the amp turned on at 10:15am, there was immediate music from the Port. When the alarm went off at 10:30am with the same music source, the volume almost doubled! I had to dive for the volume control! I’ll have to have the alarm turn on before the amp tomorrow and see what happens