Multiple drop outs

  • 3 January 2021
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Wrote this earlier, but I lost it. Another try.. :-/

Diagnostic: 1852252668

I have a fibre connection to my house. Speed check (OOKLA) gives me a Ping time of 32 ms, 235 Mbits in and 100 Mbits out.


My system contains of six speakers, a BOOST and a Playbar.

The six speakers (2 each of Play:1, Play:3 and Symfonisk) are grouped into a group.
The system runs on ch 1 SONOS net and the rest of my WiFi is on Ch 11. The speakers have been working steady as a rock for at least six months (when i moved from WiFi to SONOS-net) and I haven’t changed anything in the infrastructure at home.

This morning I started to get severe drop outs. As I’m writing this I’m only having music in my left Play:3 - group speaker. five sconds ago all speakers were playing. Now all speakers went silent.
The sound image is constantly moving and I can’t find out what’s hapening. Hoping for some help here.

The whole system (excep for the playbar) have been rebooted two times. Beginning with the BOOST and then moving out.

The log Tells me two things:

2021 januari 3, sundag - 13:23 Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom
Cannot play Reveal (feat. Lisbeth Scott) - the tune is not correctly encoded.

2021 januari 3, sundag - 15:19 Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom
Cannot play Bloom! - Lost connection to Spotify.


Hoping for some help. Thanks in advance



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1 reply

It is possible that a fierce source of WiFi interference has moved into the area.

Go to http://[IP address of a player]:1400/support/review and open the Network Matrix at the bottom. Red cells highlight wireless struggles. Note that I’ve never done this with SYMFONISK. It is possible that these cells will not be colored. Also note that this is a static view. Refresh the page if you make any changes or want to get another opinion. Interference could vary by time of day.

As a work around, you can experiment with changing the order when you build the Group. The first member of the Group is the “Group Coordinator”. All network traffic for the Group is channeled through the Coordinator. If the Coordinator is the victim of interference, the Group will suffer. In stereo pairs, the left speaker is Coordinator for the pair.

Red cells are not the end of the world, they are simply attracting your attention. My own matrix can be all or mostly red and the system plays OK. A few minutes later the matrix will be mostly green. This is not a nice area for WiFi.

If there is a potential interfering device near a red cell device, perhaps a wireless access point, computer, game, etc., near a red cell device, try separating the boxes.

Reboot is OK, refrain from Factory Reset without further consult. Factory Reset will not cure fundamental issues and it will trash all diagnostic data, Reboot trashes some diagnostic data.