Mac Controller Plays Wrong Song

  • 20 March 2022
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My controller routinely plays the wrong song. I will click on a song/album, but it plays something completely different.

Using controller app on macOS Monterey 12.3 and Sonos Controller 14.2 (both latest version). I have experienced this problem before on earlier versions of controller and OS. It seems to have returned.

Typical flow to recreate problem:

  1. Now Playing has a current list of songs.
  2. Navigate to Apple Music > Recently Added (or any other configuration).
  3. Single click on a song/album from the list in the far right column.
  4. Hover over and click the down triangle on a song/album.
  5. Click on “Replace Que”.
  6. Sonos does NOT play selected song/album -- instead it plays a song/album further down on the list. It replaces the que, but plays a totally different song that I never even clicked on.
  7. This happens every time I repeat the above steps. Has been happening for about 3 months now.

I want the problem to go away. Probably requires a software correction. Sharing here so others can add their experiences and Sonos can get further context on the problem.

Hoping we have a solution soon.


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1 reply

Do you perhaps have the room ‘queue’ set to play in ‘shuffle mode’. If so, switch it off and see if that may resolve the matter for you. Also perhaps try a reset of the controller App and then connect the App back to the ‘existing’ Sonos system.