Last-ditch effort to get misbehaving Sonos One Gen 2 working

  • 3 October 2022
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I have a Sonos Gen 2 that has been misbehaving badly lately, and this is a last-ditch effort to try to resurrect it.


When connected to Ethernet, it powers on and then I get a solid white light.
When not on Ethernet, it flashes white several times and then the light goes out.
When I factory reset on Ethernet, it flashes white 3 times, then goes into a sequence of 4 white/orange flashes, then it repeats the sequence as long as I keep the button on the back held down.
If I hold the PLAY/PAUSE button, it flashes white a few times and then goes solid red.

Looking at my Pi-Hole device list, it DOES show up in my list of Ethernet devices and is assigned an IP address, so there is *some* life to it.

I have tried factory resetting it several times, both on/off Ethernet, including at the request of a Sonos chat agent, to no avail. It’s not under warranty anymore so it’s effectively “trash”, which I feel terrrible about. One of those “worked yesterday, now doesn’t work” situations, and there really isnt any excuse for that. I have 6 other Sonos speakers of different types, including one that is almost 10 years old, and they all work fine.


1 reply

Hi. First, please stop factory resetting the speaker. All you are doing is destroying potential diagnostic information. 

Does the speaker work OK when connected by Ethernet?