laptop/projector wired into ZP90 Connect

  • 9 November 2022
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Googled everywhere and can’t seem to find a definitive answer:

I run a projector with input from a laptop thus my audio output options are 3.5mm jack and/or RCA output.

If I picked up an old ZP90 could I run the audio wired to the ZP90 and then from the ZP90 wireless to my Sonos Speakers and would this work without the sound delay to the video coming through the projector?

A Sonos Beam just doesn’t go well with a 110” projected image on a blank wall whereas Vertical mounted 5s or 1s either side of the image are perfect.

I’ve previously run audio via 3.5mm jacks directly to a single Play 5 (which then wirelessly links up another play5 and Sub) but this is far too much overkill when I could better use some play 1s instead ( but as everyone knows they don’t have any audio wired inputs ).






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1 reply

Hi.  This would work in the sense that you should be able to get audio to the speakers, but none of the Sonos equipment you are using is designed for AV applications.  There would be an audio lag and the best you could hope for would be stereo sound.

There are several threads on here about audio for projectors.  Generally the best approach is not to route the audio through the projector, but to split the audio out to go to a Sonos soundbar, and the video to the projector.