Is the beta program a source of problems?

  • 12 November 2020
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I’m among the many thousands who like my “older Sonos” products and very much abhor the bungling that has ALWAYS characterized Sonos software - e.g., “Would you like to upgrade?” “No!” “Well, you have to!” “OK, then.” … Upgrade fails! | OF COURSE, it went from defective and deficient to nearly putting Sonos out of business earlier in 2020!

Someone using this users-help-users-because-can’t-or-won’t forum said that s/he only got past this - which I am currently experiencing - by exiting the beta program.

I didn’t believe it an hour ago, but now I’m ready to try ANY WAY of proceeding that might bring back sound to my trusty (until all this) Play:1.

The software is such a mess when one has Gen 1 products that I believe that Sonos should do one of 2 things. Stop forcing upgrades and put out a piece of “legacy software” (maybe, the last, best version of pre-S1) and try to get away with “This product will no longer be updated by Sonos nor supported by any of its employees.”

Alternatively, build in “use cases” - calling them “situations” to be user-friendly. E.g., you want to control a Gen 1 unit without using an app. That is, you like your desktop or laptop and want the convenience of being able to continue to use them. Forgive the sarcasm, but that STILL applies to millions of computer users … and a not tiny percent of those who own Sonos gear. Then, of course, spell out clearly the simplest way to get the speaker “speaking.”

Then Situation #2 - you’re comfortable with Apps, but have an older (S2-non-compliant) device and a newer one…. Again, HOW TO PROCEED, step by blinking step!

Thanks. This is SO frustrating, and it doesn’t have to be. No doubt, Sonos has spent millions on its website, so it’s very pretty. What it isn’t is helpful to people who own Sonos products, particularly older ones. Rest assured, people kicked in the butt by a company - of course, I refer to Sonos with its “new line” - are NOT AT ALL LIKELY to buy anything else ever from said company. And they’ll tell their friends and a fair number of complete strangers via social media that they, too, should JUST SAY NO!


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1 reply

S1 only gets bug fixes and security patches, no new features being added.


And if you feel like discussing things concerning the beta program in the public, I’d like to give a quick reminder: you have signed a non-disclosure agreement.