In ceiling speaker set up on S1

  • 17 March 2023
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I am looking to set up in ceiling speakers in my bathroom.  My current set up is on the old S1 system and I can’t/don’t want to upgrade.  Is it possible to use connectamp gen1 and any ceiling speakers (not sonance).  I understand I will need to power the amp and wire it to the speakers- is that all I need to do?  Any in ceiling speaker recommendations also appreciated.  Thank you.


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4 replies

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Yes, you can choose other in ceiling speakers and don’t need to use sonance speakers with your old sonos amp. You will however lack the feature of using trueplay to adjust the sound. Your old amp does on the other hand not support trueplay so this is not a problem now, but might be worth considering if you plan to upgrade the amp later to a newer sonos amp product that does support trueplay. I don’t have any special recommendations for in-ceiling speakers.


Thank you!

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No help on your questions but.

Are you looking for stereo sound and positioning the speakers and your listening position to support that? If not you might want to look at the options for getting mono sound from your speaker(s) which will usually give you a better listening experience.

Looks like a nice selection of moisture resistant speakers are available.|[rank101500]In-ceiling%20Speakers&nvpair=AG_General_Features|YCMoisture@resistant

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A new Sonos Amp would also be S1 compatible.