High latency and dropped packets, 15 feet from AP

  • 11 December 2020
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I have 2x Sonos One speakers setup in a group.  Occasionally during playback the music stream cuts out for a short period of time so I started looking at the network connections,  I have found one speak with periods of high latency and dropping a lot of packets.  This is only one speaker acting this manner, the other is fine.  Looks like a slowly failing speaker but welcome to ideas.

Speakers are 15ft from high power AP

Only 12 devices on the AP and they are all at 98% performance or above, which means no issues with connecting to AP or high retries/dropped packets

AP is Ubiquiti AP-HD connected via 1Gb ethernet to Ubiquiti Dream Machine, averages 98% or better performance 24x7

I run 2 and 5GHz on same SSID, but again Ubiquiti stats show plenty of radio bandwidth and channel capacity.  Contention is not an issue

A look at the 24 hour performance chart reveals the up and down nature of the speaker having this issue--again, the other speaker is fine.  Also, this 24 hour period the speaker was NOT in use, it was idle.  But, waveform looks same whether in use or not (and dropped music happens when the performance drops on the speaker:


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3 replies

What happens if you swap speaker locations?

No change.  Also if I break the group and operate them independently its same.  Really points to hardware issue with this one speaker. 

I have also reset and readded to my account and same behavior.  Tho it drops music stream and the other speaker is flawless. 

So its just this unit  I am convinced at this point.


I agree. Submit a diagnostic after one of these events. You can post the confirmation number here for staff comment. Eventually, you’ll need to contact Sonos Support to resolve the issue.