Following 12.2 Update the “Line-In” is no longer working

  • 12 November 2020
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Following the update to the IOS Sonos app v 12.2 the “Line-In” is not playing sound through any of my 8 devices.  Prior to the software update it worked flawlessly.  Is anyone else having this issue?  You can see a typical play back in the screen shot.  The dancing bars look normal for play back.  All other sources play back normally.  It’s just “Line-In” that isn’t working and it’s driving me nuts! 😂👍🏻


I have tried the following:

  1. unplug all components and plug back in (power)
  2. unplug lan cables from Port to Lan Router and plug back in
  3. Unplug RCA cables from all components and plug back in 




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16 replies

So, if I interpret your screenshots properly, the line in is showing up as existing while the RCA jacks are plugged in, but you’re just not getting any audio from the line in?

Seems like you’ve done many of the things I’d normally suggest, but there are a couple of things that I need to ask about, that you may have done, but just not mentioned. 

Have you checked the device that is feeding the line in to be sure it is still sending a signal? Would seem odd for that to go while doing a software update on the Sonos, but stranger coincidences have occurred.

Have you adjusted the line in settings in the Sonos software, bumping up the sensitivity, on the off hand chance the new software isn’t as ‘sensitive’ as the old?

Have you tried to submit a system diagnostic , and called Sonos Support to discuss it, or posted the diagnostic number here for a Community Moderator to pick up?

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, there are more options available beyond just the diagnostic analysis.


An easy way to check one of the possibilities mentioned by Bruce is to try playing a different device, such as a mobile phone, in the line-in (if you have a suitable cable).

Don’t attribute any significance to the ‘dancing bars’ on the line-in.  You would get this if you selected a line-in with a cable plugged into it even if there were no device on the other end of the cable!

I’ve got the same issue here:

Contacted Sonos, they would call me back for further steps.

Amazingly Sonos Support told me that the Five does not support TV through Line-in. 
So, I’ve connected an AMP connecting my CD player. 
Still no sound. 

I guess they don’t know about this issue.

Amazingly Sonos Support told me that the Five does not support TV through Line-in. 
So, I’ve connected an AMP connecting my CD player. 
Still no sound. 

I guess they don’t know about this issue.

I am a bit shocked that Support should say such a thing. It's an analog line in. Feed it analog and it's happy. It doesn't know what device has produced the stream.

But FWIW the line in on my Play:5 gen 2 is working fine and it will come as a surprise to me if this is a bug in the update. Not saying it can't be,  just that it would be very surprising. 

Are you running the latest version of IOS app? 12.2?

And have you updated the Five to the latest version?I’ve done both.

I have updated controller  and system to 12.2. I use the Android controller not iOS but that is irrelevant.

Mine is a Play:5 not a Five. It would be a surprise if there were any difference but never say never. 

Thanks for sharing this.

Being a software developer myself, it could be an issue in the IOS app that also @KevinRyan is using.

The app is just a remote control.  All the software is in the speakers. It isn't the app. That is like blaming your TV remote for your TV going wrong.

In fact I didn't even have to use the app to test it! Software developer or not...

I agree that it’s a remote control.

Remote controls via Apps are also software.

Since the App (remote control) has been upgraded, it could be an remote control issue of the IOS app.

I suspect not sending the signal to let the Five play the line-in.

Well let's all just wait and see rather than speculate.

Agreed! Thanks again for thinking along.

I’m still bummed about it and hope that Sonos can explain what is happening.

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Hi All,

Thanks for all of the feedback here.  I used John B’s advice and disconnected the Integra Receiver from the Sonos Port and plugged in a dormant DVD player just to test the Sonos Line-In from a different source.  BAM 💥 it worked!  The issue I have is not Sonos but rather the Zone 2 out port on the Integra DRX 4.3.


I’ve tried a number of remedies for that but so far no luck.  Sonos for me is still rock solid … Onkyo and the Integra is a case of fool me once  shame on you fool me twice shame on me.  I have had this receiver, my second Integra, for only about a year and a half and now it’s acting up like the first one.  The hard part is it has been superb until this point.  Hopefully there is a fix for this issue. 

* Fingers Crossed *

Thanks again for the input…

Cheers, KR

Glad your issue is sorted (well, from a Sonos perspective).  There is a natural tendency to think a recent update is responsible for a problem, but in long experience on here it rarely is.  When there is a non-trivial software bug (very rare, but it has happened) the forum is absolutely deluged with posts about it, so this looked more likely to be a coincidental local issue, as it has proved.

Now just need to discover the cause of @Kishen ‘s problem.  Maybe also worth trying a different device.  Also check that the TV is still set to send audio over the correct output - TV firmware updates have been known to reset things.