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  • 3 March 2021
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There are quite a lot of threads out there asking if it’s possible to export Sonos playlists. I would have liked to answer directly in the corresponding topics, but most of them are already archived. The answer is:


The story goes like this:

I was looking for a tool to backup my Sonos playlists (just in case, it would drive me mad if I lost them), but couldn't find any. Therefore I decided to write one myself ;-)

The result is called SonoSaver and can be found here in case you're interested: https://sonosaver.mrupp.ch/

I released it as shareware, but you can choose yourself of what you think it’s worth. And there’s a free version to test things out, first.

But after that, I went on creating v2.0 and added the possibility to export the playlists to the following file formats: CSV, M3U, M3U extended, PLS and WPL.

This comes with lots of export options, like replacing the location of local files to a valid UNC path or adjusting links to Spotify to an URL like open.spotify.com.

Hope you like it and I’m still open for new ideas to enhance the app some more.

Let me know what you think!


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