Error Message Unable to Add Songs to Queue

  • 11 September 2021
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I am trying to play a playlist with 224 hours of music but keep getting message saying unable to add songs to queue. I have done step 1 reset but that didn't work. Any suggestions? It seems disappointing that I can play this on my simple UE Boom but not on my flash Sonos Move device.


Best answer by James L. 13 September 2021, 10:57

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5 replies

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Hi @Jill W,


Which music service is the playlist on (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music etc.)?

Are you able to add smaller sized playlists to the queue?

How many tracks are in this problem playlist?

Its Spotify. The list is 3772 songs. I can play smaller ones but I have read that there is a max of 2500 songs that Sonos can handle. This seems strange for a top of the line product given my bluetooth UE boom handles it no problem and Spotify has lists with up to 10k. I have split the playlist into two lists to deal with it both about 1800 songs and it works. Just disappointed that this is a problem...I have tried the reset which didn’t work. I am not that techie that I feel comfortable messing around with channels and my modem. Is this a recurring issue? Can you confirm if Sonos is not capable of streaming Spotify lists of this size?


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Thanks for that information.


There’s no solid limit of 2500 songs that can be added to a queue, it’s more a case of what the network can transmit in time during the initial playback request. Most networks will struggle to send information of over 2500 tracks to the player before the music starts, which can result in errors in adding tracks to the queue.

The comparison between the UE Boom via Bluetooth and your Sonos system which operates via WiFi isn’t exactly fair, since the transmission methods of the music are rather different. Your UE Boom will rely on the direct connection between the phone/tablet/PC and the speaker, whereas the Sonos system connects directly to Spotify’s servers and streams that way. This is how you’d be able to start playback and switch off the device that started the music and it would continue playing - this wouldn’t be the case for Bluetooth.

As a workaround, you might want to consider using Spotify Connect. This would mean using the Spotify app and starting playback there, casting the music to the Sonos system. This would remove the need for the player to queue the music and should let you play the entire playlist of 3772 songs.



There used to be a 15-second timeout for any one queue-loading action. I assume this remains. The solution is to break the loading of the queue into multiple actions.

A queue can contain around 65000 entries.

Thanks for that James. I have managed to use Spotify connect so that is a work around for my largest playlist.