Constant LOW HUM

  • 13 November 2020
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HAVE NOISE/HUM from SONOS.  I switched to a McIntosh C39 pre amp and now I get a hum whenever I switch the input to SONOS. All components are plugged into an APC Power Conditioner with battery backup, so it's not likely dirty power or ground loop. I've tried swapping cables, tried running through different inputs, updated SONOS software/app.  The noise is a low hum that sounds like digital interference. It's constant when Sonos selected whether playing music or no music playing.  ANY IDEAS HOW TO FIX?

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1 reply

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Where is the Sonos in this problem description? Your profile says you have a Sonos One, which cannot possibly be connected to your McIntosh.

I think you’ll need to provide more detail on your hardware devices and how they are connected.

Occam’s Razor points to a ground loop but I am no expert in analog audio. Check #4 on